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Our Mission and Vision, Our Values and Goals


“Don't be an accomplice of illegal wildlife trade, don't purchace animals, don't treat them like your pet, don't violate their natural habit. Your house is not their home even though you can help them.” - Hernán Orellana, 2012


Our mission is to preserve wildlife in the rainforest of Ecuador, which is threatened today by anthropogenic activities. For this purpose, we provide specialized care for the welfare of the animal, by promoting scientific research and offering a message of environmental awareness to general public.


Our vision is to gather information on behavor, nutrition, and reproduction when necessary, with that object of compiling such information in a database. This information could be accessed by people or organizations to help wild animal care or reserch.


Because this is the center where we all work carefully with wild species, we must take into account the responsibility, identity, communication, honesty, solidarity, compassion and respect, in order to continue with the daily struggles we face for animal's welfare and conservation of biodiversity in Ecuador.

Our Goals:

  • To receive, Rehabilitate and Release wild animals when they need it, in case they are rescued from the illegal Wildlife smuggling or in some adverse situations.
  • To conserve wildlife in the Ecuator's Amazon
  • To safeguard wildlife and reintroduce them into their natural habitat when we can.
  • To conduct scientifically viable research.
  • To educate and sensitize the general public, doing tours and talks about environmental education.
  • To increase awareness of Ecuador's threatened biodiversity and its importance and value in the field of wildlife conservation.

We handle a variety of species distributed in:

  • Mammals : Primates, Felinos, Prociónidos, Artiodáctilos, Perisodáctilos, Roedores, Mustélidos
  • Birds : Psitácidas, Rapaces
  • Reptiles : Alligators, Tortugas, Serpientes