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We have a vet that lives on site here at Zoorefugio Tarqui. Alba is on hand to ensure that all the animals are fit and healthy. Often animals come to us from abusive pasts and the clinic is constantly busy. As with any animal center we must constantly watch the animals for signs of sickness or pain. You will have the opportunity to see veterinary practices on some of the world´s most amazing and endangered animal species. Sometimes all hands are on deck to help Alba and you may find yourself moving a sleeping Jaguar or helping inject a boa constrictor.

This is our clinic here at Tarqui.
Alba in the clinic.
In this photo Alba is doing a check up on our male Tigers. This was very exciting for volunteers.
We have two ocelots here at Tarqui and this is one of the routine checkups.
We have two spider monkeys that live at the zoo. After attemptsto cage them that were quickly overcome the pair freely roam the zoo. But as part of the animals here still require checkups, much to their chagrin.
This monkey needed a vitamin jab as he was low down on the capuchin pecking order and was not getting enough food despite increasing the food we gave them. Today he and two others have their own cage and are all healthy and happy in a smaller group.
Here Jamie and Alba are taking a look at one of the Boas that came to us and was having trouble shedding its skin.