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Volunteer Activities by Areas


You can take part in internal projects or help in areas where our staff are unable to work due to time constraints. You will have the opportunity to complete projects that aim to improve our animals life’s as well as increase our local conservation work.

1. Creative area

Responsible for the innovation and contribution of ideas to improve the school facilities, the development of information signs, tourist routes and other activities including environmental enrichment for our resident animals. Environment enrichment is key and the invention of all kinds of toys (with material that cannot harm the animal): rattles, stairs, wood rings, gathering wood, branches and trunks and atmosphere of cages, logs, ropes, nets, toys, food, etc. will help to improve the animal’s welfare.

2. Maintenance Area

Responsible for maintaining enclosures and tourist trails and repairing and maintaining facilities as well as introducing new ideas to improve our zoo.

  • Cleaning roads, signs, rooms and public areas of the volunteer house, deep cleaning the nutrition area
  • Deep cleaning of the enclosures
  • Assisting with construction work (health, transport construction material, etc.)
  • Arrangements (gutters, stagnant water filter, mesh, etc.)
  • Review overall facilities

3. Reforestation Area

Planting native vegetation on the tourist trails, in enclosures and the surrounding area, helping to improve the appearance of a natural environment for the animals and the tourists.

4. Nutrition Area

You will help to assist in the nutrition centre by creating a suitable diet according to veterinary advice and specific nutritional requirements of each of our animals, your tasks will also include.

  • Transporting food
  • Collecting grass and other natural food sources
  • Review daily diets and make lists of the necessary food for the next day
  • Keeping the kitchen clean
  • Control of cooked and raw egg (preparation and transportation)

5. Preventive medicine

Responsible for assisting the veterinary staff including ensuring animal welfare is met, regular animal checks of the animal’s health and behaviour. This area is accessible if you have knowledge of veterinary health.

6. Department of Tourism

Is responsible for receiving visitors and introduce them to the different species found in the centre and explain the importance of wildlife animals in their natural environment, creating environmental awareness and contributing to the smooth running of zoo. Report the sad reality of the illegal wildlife trade and how Tarqui Zoo are working to lessen the impact on the Ecuadorian Amazon and, supporting conservation.

7. Assistance Area Restaurant

Responsible for supporting the various activities taking place in the Restaurant, you can work in the kitchen, as a waiter or in customer service, etc. This can be done in days of high demand in the restaurant such as holidays, weekends or reservations

8. Environmental Education Area

Responsible for planning activities and lectures aimed at the general public, schools, colleges, in order to impose an environmental awareness and fight together with the zoo the illegal wildlife trade, habitat destruction, sustainable use of the different types of resources we have, the health and disease issues of having a wild animal at home and the impact on the environment, etc.

9. Area of Research and Project Development

This area is responsible for research on the different species found in the centre for sustainable development and having the data required for the development of potential environmental projects and potential wildlife reintroductions. Volunteers can submit their projects for testing and implementation in Tarqui Zoo.