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James, U.K.

“Tarqui Zoo is a great volunteer opportunity, having volunteered all over South America this has been my favourite placement. The hands on work with the animals is unique and the work is fulfilling and never boring, as each day there is a new and interesting task to complete. The family feel and friendly environment ensures that will enjoy your stay at the zoo and there is nothing like waking up in a zoo with a spectacular view of the distant snow-capped mountains and volcanoes. After one month volunteering it has hard to say goodbye and I will definitely be returning next year for longer. Great value for money and excellent facilities that ensure a comfortable and pleasurable stay.”

Thomas, U.S.

“The first impression I had of Zoologico Tarqui was its beauty. I arrived with the setting sun lighting up the early evening after a rain shower. After acclimatizing to the inundation of nature and plethora of star clusters in the night's sky, one soon learns that Zoologico Tarqui is a place where one can share their creativity and manifest it in an organic way. There is a team atmosphere and family environment where the care of the animals is first priority. Daily projects pop up alongside the long term objectives for the improvement of animal enclosures and general animal well being.The main factor that makes Zoologico Tarqui so unique is that although by name it is a zoo, the benefactors do not collect animals and are not motivated by public entertainment. The animals at Zoologico Tarqui have been taken in to see out their days in tranquility after being rescued from unfortunate pasts, whether they be victims of illegal trafficking, unwanted pets, orphaned juveniles, or pests in the eyes of some. Zoologico Tarqui is constantly working in tandem with the Environmental Ministry to take in any animals at any given moment space permitting. This also involves the liberation of animals from time to time. The connection to the community and local knowledge of those who work there means that Zoologico Tarqui can positively influence and educate people near and far of the swiftly changing landscape of the Ecuadorian Amazon. This work needs no validation.”